The Popularity of the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

Considering how popular Wheel of Fortune has become, we’ll take a look at how and where to play it and, most importantly, some effective ways to improve your odds.

How do you play the Wheel of Fortune slot machine?  

The slot is a nine-line, 45-coin machine with five bets per line. It features traditional fruit symbols with diamond necklaces, cars, and other images of prizes awarded in the show. The slot machine is quite similar to the actual Wheel of Fortune. One notable difference is that it lacks the Lose a Turn section.

Wheel of Fortune

The bonus spin attracts many players. You spin the wheel above the machine when you wager the maximum, and the spin sign emerges at the third wheel. The wheel will turn randomly, as in the game show.

Payouts range from 25 to 5,000 dollars. The exact amount depends on whether you get the bonus spin, wager the maximum, and are playing the one dollar version.  

To spin the Wheel of Fortune, press the “spin” button. When you do, the big wheel over the game will start turning. You can keep any amount the wheel stops on. The sections on the wheel will be displayed in credits or dollars. To determine how much you’ve won, multiply the machine denomination by the credits.

Where to play wheel of fortune slots online?

The slot is available on many online casino websites. Three popular providers are Vegas Slots Online, Caesar’s Casino, and You don’t need to register or download anything. You just load Wheel of Fortune in the browser and get going.

At Caesar’s Casino, the Triple Extreme Spin features a collection of gameplay features with the potential of big wins. These include the Triple Extreme Bonus and the Mini Wheel Bonus. The former guarantees hours of fun on tablet, mobile, and desktop as well as up to 720 ways to make a win.

Who makes the Wheel of Fortune slot machine?           

International Game Technologies produces the game. This nationwide casino staple is among the most lucrative and successful slot machines they have ever developed. The authoritative Casino Player magazine distinguished IGT with four poll awards in 2010.

Ways to Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

Our final section treats the most important aspect; improving your odds at this machine. Some good ways include increasing the number of rounds you play, betting the maximum, and opting for a slot machine with a smaller minimum jackpot. 

To increase the number of rounds, select a low maximum bet machine. Opt for a machine with a lower denomination if you’re on a budget. You could choose a two-coin machine over a three-coin one. You’ll end up playing longer because you’ll lose money more slowly. This will then increase your chances of a victory. Lower bet slots can have lower payouts. Look at the payout table before you start.

Another option is wagering the maximum amount allowed. To wager the maximum, press “Bet Max.” This makes you eligible to spin the wheel or get the jackpot.

To start gambling, press “spin”. The winning combination is different for each type of slot machine. There are two options for spinning the wheel. For new-style slots, you need three spins on a pay line. For old-style ones, you must land on a “spin” image. The idea is to keep playing until you come out ahead or, on a less optimistic note, lose all your money.  

Final Tips

You should learn to trust your intuition. Either take a break or start playing another slot if you’re not feeling lucky. Machines with higher maximum bets will have correspondingly higher dollar amounts on the wheel. For example, the top prize on one of the latest versions of the $100 wheel is $40,000.

Finally, opt for a game with a smaller minimum jackpot. The minimum jackpot amount will differ depending on the respective version of the Wheel of Fortune. Some people think it’s easier to win smaller jackpots. This may or may not be true. Either way, games with more limited jackpots have smaller maximum wagers, which means your money will go a long way. For example, $25 and $100 wheels have non-progressive, fixed jackpots.

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