What is Off Track Betting?

How to Bet on Horse Races Without Going to The Track       

There are many ways to bet on horse races without going to the track. Other than off track betting, you can place your wager at one of the licensed booking houses in your area. You can also make an online bet on one of the many specialized websites through your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Attending a live horse racing at one of UK’s famous circuits is a privilege of a selected few, while the majority of horse racing fans around the world practice off-track betting or OTB. If you’re not sure exactly what that is, read this article first.

what is off track betting

How Do You Play Off Track Betting?

It depends on which one of the two OTB channels you are going to choose. Brick-and-mortar horse racing fans gather at their local bookies before the event and place their bets. The administrator then enters them into the system. In other words, he transfers their bets online. The horse racing aficionados then watch the whole race on large TV screens, cheering for their favorites or discussing the skills of the jockeys.

If you choose online off-track betting, then you have to open an account on one of the many online betting sites. Your choice of an off track betting website depends on your location, the type of your bank card, and whether or not the online betting provider makes bank transfers to your country. 

Before placing your online bet, it’s a good idea to read the latest reviews and the odds for the particular race. They are written by proven experts in the field and will give you some valuable insights into the current shape of your favorite horse, its jockey, and, most importantly, the bond between the man and the animal.

What’s the Best Off-track Betting System?

Even absolute beginners hope to make money with off-track betting or at least enjoy the thrill of horse racing without breaking the bank.  Some quick research reveals that there are numerous off track betting systems that you can try.

Some systems emphasize the horse-jockey partnership as a prerequisite for a long winning streak, while others focus entirely on the animal’s current shape and speed. Whatever system you may choose, you can only hope for controlled damage on your finances.

The system that every rookie goes for is constantly betting on the favorite in every particular event. The problem is that the favorite horse doesn’t always win. Sometimes favorites don’t even finish the race because of unfavorable weather conditions or a terrible accident on the track.

What you should aim for instead is a fixed rebate on every bet you place online. Some websites offer between four or six percent rebate on every bet that they receive. Thus, the more you bet, the more you’ll save. In any case, you must quit OTB or seek help as soon as you notice the first symptoms of addiction.

Why Should You Choose a Fully-licensed ADW?

Before you open your account, you should make sure that you are on a fully-licensed and legal Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) website. Also, the company’s physical address should be easily accessible and verified. Do not be tempted by the higher odds provided by gambling websites registered in off-shore zones of tax heavens. They offer higher odds because they do not pay their taxes in full, and this is bad for the whole sector of online gambling, including OTB.

Some users may feel uncomfortable providing sensitive personal information like their residential address, bank account, and credit card number to an off-track betting website. Rest assured that this info is only required for opening an account with them. As long as the online bookie is duly registered, your personal details should be perfectly safe.