The Best Strategies in Off Track Betting

Horse Racing Betting

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Off-track Betting

Most of the off-track betting (OTB) nowadays takes place online. There are many different track events one can bet on, but horse race betting is probably the fans’ favorite. Thoroughbred racehorses are worth millions of dollars, and their jockeys are the best in the world.

Horse races are always exciting to watch, and this is why horse race betting is so popular around the world. In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to have a look at some of the best OTB strategies. They focus entirely on making money with off-track betting, and that’s what every horse race betting enthusiast wants.

Simple Horse Betting Tips

Look for the OTB provider with the highest odds that are accessible online from your location. It pays off to dig around. Some online bookies will return your bet to you if your candidate finishes second or third, which is nothing short of awesome!

Horse race betting tips vary from track to track. It is always a good idea to read the reviews of the most recent events that have taken place on that particular track. In other words, each track has its favorites to bet on.

Horses do not do the whole job on the track. Lend an attentive ear to what the handicappers say about the current shape of the jockeys, too.

Learn the reviewers’ slang. They use a whole bunch of expressions like “the horse should know his/her job on the turf,” or “that candidate has some shrewd connections.” These tips mean a lot to those who can read them right.

Popular Off-track Bets

The first one is Win. You guess the winner and pocket your cash price. There is also the option “Place,” where you win if your candidate finishes first or second. The “Show” bet wins if your horse finishes first, second, or third. These three are the safest bets to make, but they usually bring small profits.

The next group of bets includes the options “Exacta” and “Exacta Box.” Here, you have two candidates and they must finish first and second in the order you have predicted. Exacta Box wins if your horses finish first and second, regardless of the order.

Next, there are the bets Trifecta, Trifecta Box, and Trifecta Key. The prefix “Tri” indicates that these bets involve three candidates. Your Trifecta bet wins if you guess the first three horses in a race in the exact order they cross the finish line. Trifecta Box is like Exacta Box, but with three horses. “Trifecta Key” wins if you guess the winner in a race and the horses that finish second and third, no matter their order.

“Superfecta,” “Superfecta Box” and Superfecta Key are like the ones in the Trifecta group, but with four horses.

Which Bet Type is the Best for Me?

If you are a complete beginner in the field of off-track betting, you should perhaps go for “Win”, “Show”, or “Place”. “Exacta” “Trifecta” and “Superfecta” are high-yield bets, but they are also the most difficult to win. These are the connoisseur’s bets.

Many horserace betting aficionados also wonder when they should go for a “boxed” bet or when they should choose a “key” bet. Use the former type if there are clear favorites in the batch, and you know them. If you have a clear favorite, then you should go for a key bet, as it locks the winner in a race.

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