8 Techniques Casinos use to Keep Gamblers Spending Money

There is no denying that online and retail casino gambling is fast becoming one of the most exciting forms of adult entertainment. What most novice casino players don’t really understand is how online casino operators are very adept at keeping players playing games of chance for real cash without players realizing it.

The rest of this article is going to focus on techniques casinos use to keep players in action. While knowledge of these techniques won’t likely change your mind about playing casino games, awareness could give you a chance to take advantage of what the casinos are doing.

Replacing Money With Chips

If a casino player sits down at a blackjack table with a stack of five-dollar bills in front of them, they will feel the pinch every time they slide a new $5 into the betting space. That would cause players to take a more conservative approach to their gambling.

By replacing real money with chips, the casino is effectively giving players something with which they see little value in exchange for something players do value. Since players typically value chips less than they do cash, it increases the likelihood they will gamble more liberally.

For what is worth, there is evidence that online casino players spend more than retail casino players per hour. Why? They go right from a debit/credit card to chips without ever touching a dollar bill. Virtual money has far less value than cold hard cash.

Deny Access to Clocks

Techniques Casinos use

A lot of casino gamblers head to the tables or slots with the best of intentions. They go in anticipation of only gambling for a certain amount of time. Casinos like to counter player time limits by making difficult it for players to know what time it is while playing. They do this by removing all clocks and time devices within the casino area. When players get caught up in the excitement and lose track of time, they usually gamble longer than they had intended.

Free Booze

The most astute gamblers know that drinking and gambling don’t mix. Novice casino goers are usually out just looking to have a good time. If they can get a few free drinks while playing roulette, the more the merrier.

The casinos aren’t being kind or generous with free drinks. For them, it’s an investment that usually pays big dividends. Even watered-down drinks will eventually impair a person’s judgment. Casino operators are well aware that even slightly impaired customers will lose track of their finances. That usually results in players playing too long and losing too much through bad decision-making.

Techniques Casinos use – Offering Great Comps

Casinos are not in cahoots with each other. Each casino is worried about its own profits. To make money, they have to have lots of customers spending lots of money. They can ill afford to let players walk out the door to visit another casino.

To entice customers to stick around, casinos offer what they call comps. These are freebies like free meals, shows, and rooms. After giving you something for your loyalty, you will feel obligated to return the loyalty by sticking around and doing more gambling with a casino that just comped you.

Isolation From the Outside World

Humans are conditioned to sleep at night. Casinos know this and will make every effort to keep you from knowing what time of day it is. That includes tinting windows to the outside and creating a noisy well-lit environment within the casino. Their job is to keep your energy levels as high as possible to ensure you keep gambling.

They will also benefit by keeping you awake for longer than you planned. They know your decision-making abilities will start to diminish as you get tired and sleepy.

Celebrate Big Wins

On that rare occasion that someone hits a huge jackpot, the casino will release all the bells and whistles to let everyone know there is a big winner in the house. What they are really trying to do is give everyone in the house a subtle reminder of what is possible if they just keep gambling.

By the way, it is no mistake that all the big win noise revolves around slot machines. At the end of the day, slots are the goose that laid the golden egg to casinos because of the house’s advantage that sits at right around 5%.

Where is the Bathroom

Casinos want you uncomfortable and agitated. That’s why casino bathrooms are always located in areas that are far from the casino floor and generally inconvenient to use. To further complicate matters related to you finding the facilities, the casino has been trying to pour free drinks down your throats all day every day. You can also count on seeing plenty of slot machines lined up all along your path to the bathroom.

Bonuses and Rewards

Back in the early days of retail casino gambling, casinos were always giving out free spins and cash bonuses. That’s not really true today as casinos put more focus on comps. It’s online casinos that like to load players up with free money to keep those gambling reflexes sharp.

Remember, it’s a numbers game. The house always has the advantage. Even if they give you a bonus, they know they will eventually get that back and then some if you just keep playing. They also know players have a tendency to keep chasing losses, which is another reason they will give a little to get a lot in the long run.

Techniques Casinos useCasino Layout is Strategic

You walk in the door of a casino and the first thing you see is a bank of slot machines. Why? It’s the goose that laid the golden egg.

As you proceed through the casino, you will feel confused like you have a sense of being lost. This is psychological warfare. The casino wants you to feel a little bit confused in order to distract your brain by the time you get to the casino tables. At every turn, you will have access to a gambling option.

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