Pros and Cons of Becoming a Professional Gambler

How do Professional Gamblers Make Money?

Becoming a professional gambler can make someone money in a number of ways. We’ll start with poker, which is maybe THE game of skill.

In brief, to make money playing poker, you need to outdo the competition. Be warned that as everybody is trying poker, it’s a hard way to make money.

You need a big gap between your and your opponent’s skill level. A small gap won’t make you enough money.

Making Money in Poker

Guide to becoming a professional gambler in poker

Who’s making big money in poker? Not the famous players, whose funds mainly come from advertisers. The people making the real money are faceless pro gamblers winning against players of lower skill.

Make the most of welcome bonuses if you’ve registered at online poker sites. An online gambler should try Betfair poker as a start. You can use your account for different ways to make money.

Always start slow. Start playing higher-value tables only once you’ve started winning.

Make Money as a Card Counter

Card counters keep track of the cards remaining in the deck in a blackjack game. When the odds turn in their favor, they bet large. The strategy is almost failsafe. If you’ve seen the movie 21, card counting might sound familiar to you. It’s based on the true story of several MIT college students who were so good at it they made millions in Vegas. The movie was funded by MGM Grand, the proud owner of a series of major casinos.

We’re not going to lie: card counting is not a walk in the park. Casinos are constantly upping efforts to make it harder and harder to win. They can ban people who win. As for the rest, they don’t worry about them. They are just not good enough to make money. 

However, winning IS possible. Many pro gamblers have and continue to. Just be warned that it is not all that glamorous, but makes up for that by being very difficult!       


Becoming a Professional Gambler Tips

Not everyone is cut out to be a professional gambler. That’s a fact. You’re off to a bad start if you don’t have the dedication or the right attitude. And even if you do, that’s not enough. Before you can even start dreaming about making a fortune as a gambler, you need to know a few things.

Don’t Rely on Luck

Novice gamblers often make the mistake of relying on luck. They think it’s the only way to win. Know you’ve already lost once you’ve put your fortunes in the hands of fate. A pro gambler never relies on luck. He or she will avoid games based on luck. Becoming a Professional gambler is about strategy, skill, and knowledge. You need to gain an edge if you can and use it to win against the house.

Professional gamblers aim to reduce luck to a small probability. Then, they play the odds. You can turn the odds in your favor if you manipulate a blackjack game correctly.

Even if you do, you could still lose a few games in a row. This shouldn’t bring you to get mad and give up. Instead, give it your all. Be in it for the long haul. If you keep at it over an extended period of time, the losses will level out, and you’ll start making a profit.

Keep Your Bankroll Handy – and Keep Calm

A bankroll is a list of how much money you can afford to lose. Keep it handy. When you lose, you will be tempted to keep playing to win your money back. You bet more and take bigger odds each time, hoping to recuperate your losses.

A smaller chance comes with bigger odds, so you might end up losing everything. Pro gamblers take a time out after a loss. They keep calm. They don’t rush into bigger odds.

A Few Words on Cheating

We can’t talk about making money gambling without at least mentioning cheating. The most common fraudulent tactics are collusion, hacking, and marked cards or loaded dice. Collusion is where you gain an unfair advantage by teaming up with another poker player. Hacking is where an online gambler hacks a site or a slot machine to get an unjust advantage. It’s up to you to try these, but if you’re caught, you’ll be banned and blacklisted. never go about becoming a professional gambler with these tactics in mind.