Are Penny Slots Machines Worth It in 2021?

Many players find penny slot machines appealing. After all, no other machine offers such a low playing cost. You can spin the reels and win money for just a cent, right?

Not necessarily. It appears quite a few misconceptions surround penny slots. Some people tend to choose places where not many people play, thinking this will maximize their chances. In fact, the machines generate bigger wins when more people are playing.

This article will help you understand how slots work in order to maximize your proceeds. It will also dispel frequent myths surrounding penny slots.

Are penny casino slot machines worth playing? 

penny slot machines

First things first – slots don’t always cost only a penny to play. The minimum spin value can reach as much as 100 credits at traditional casinos. You’re betting a dollar per spin in this case. It’s no coincidence that earnings from penny slot machines generate half of all casino income. The reason for this: you’ll have to wager on all the pay lines available even though the unit of credits is worth a cent. Frequently, there will be several credits per line.

Let’s say you’re betting on a 5 reel, 20 line machine at 5 credits per line. This means on each spin, you’re betting an impressive 100 credits. On average, players spin the reels once every six seconds. That’s 100 credits per six seconds or 1000 credits per minute of play, amounting to 10 dollars a minute. Per hour, that’s 600 dollars! We’ve certainly departed from the penny.

However, you don’t have to bet the highest possible amount on every slot. Some slots have a minimum spin of just five cents. That means you can wager a cent on all the pay lines available without losing more than you can afford to – in the worst-case scenario.

How much can you make on penny slots?

When you’re wagering pennies, a win of 500 dollars or more definitely seems worthwhile. According to an article in USA Today, the record slot payout is $6,500. Some major progressive jackpots have been linked to penny slot machines. Before you play, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the jackpot activation conditions. In most cases, you’ll need to wager on every pay line.

What penny slots pay the best?    

The winnings depend on the gambler’s playing style. Some players are only interested in bonus rounds. Others have an affinity for central slot action. The country you’re playing in is a crucial factor. Among the top-rated, best-paying slots are Guns N Roses, Monopoly, Wonder Woman, the Dark Knight, the Wizard of Oz, and Wheel of Fortune.

Is it better to play penny or dollar slots?

In most cases, the payback percentage of dollar machines is higher. On average, penny slots come with the lowest payback. You’re likely to do better wagering a dollar per spin on a dollar slot than a dollar per spin on a penny machine. The latest penny slots tend to prompt players to bet the maximum so they get a chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Typically, this is at least $1.50. If you wager less than the maximum, you can’t expect big winnings. Your winnings will be around $20 at best, which means you’ll keep losing in the short term without a progressive hit.

Penny slots tempt players with bonus rounds, but these can pay as little as a dollar. People win something on almost every spin on the new penny slots, but it’s less than what they wagered. Basically, they continue to lose money.

Winning $100 on a penny slot is impressive, but it’s equivalent to ten times that on a dollar slot. To win $1,000, you have a much better chance if you play an old-fashioned dollar slot with three reels. Experienced gamblers say they get a few big wins over several days if they stick to playing a dollar per spin on a dollar slot. In comparison, they win far less playing a penny per spin on a penny slot. There is also the psychological aspect. It’s easier to realize you need to stop playing when you’ve won big playing dollar slots because you stop expecting the big win. With penny slots, the anticipation never ceases.

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