Is Online Gambling Legal in Michigan?

It has been since December 2019, which is when the state legalized online gaming. Over the past year, Michigan has been working on regulations to govern online gaming in the state. At the end of 2020, the state plans to launch online casinos, which will lead to a major shift in its sports betting and gaming industry.

What forms of online gambling are legal in Michigan?  

Online gambling is a reality after HB 4916 was passed in 2019. This new law makes poker, sports betting, DFS, and online and mobile casino games legal in Michigan. At present, the Michigan Gaming Control Board is drafting the ordinances needed to license online sportsbooks and casinos in the state.

Some people ask if they can play MI online casino games outside MI. This is not recommended. It’s best to actually be in the state. You can play casino games if you’re going to another state where you are going to be using an authorized online casino operator. For example, if you travel to Indiana from Michigan, a Michigan casino won’t let you keep playing once you’re on the territory of Indiana.

Gambling Laws in Michigan

The Michigan Code governs home games and traditional gambling establishments. Section 432 lists the most significant regulations. Online games are not the subject of specific regulations. The state has quite an extensive, wide-ranging definition of illegal gambling. It covers “accepting something valuable or money as an outcome of the result of a contest, race, game, or the occurrence of an uncertain event. If you’re a high roller, playing on offshore sites is quite risky. The fines on common gambling offenses can reach a maximum of $1,000. Such offenses are also punishable by a prison term of up to a year.

is online gambling legal in Michigan

For casino games, the minimum gambling age in the state is 21. It is 18 for lottery games and horse race betting. The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act and Chapter 750 Sec. 301 of the penal code cover all matters related to gambling.

Currently, legal sports betting in the state is limited to licensed off-track betting and pari-mutuel horserace betting. Expectations are for online sports betting to become available at the end of this year. An online gambling bill introduced by Rep. Iden, if passed into law, would make online sports betting available in local casinos. Under HB 4926, parallel legislation regulating traditional betting is required.  

Michigan Online Casinos

At first, Michigan set 2021 as the year to legalize online casino apps. This, however, is not fixed. It might happen as early as December 2020. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is attempting to finalize regulations as soon as it can as it has encouraged both operators and regulators to make progress as quickly as they can.

The issue of which the first online casino to open in the state will be is also a mystery. A number of providers are likely to launch games to people in Michigan through their computers and phones. Under the laws of the state, online casino operators must enter into a partnership with a traditional gambling establishment before they can start doing business in the state. A number of online casinos have already done this, which shows they intend to operate in the state in the near future.

Several of these providers, such as DraftKings, BetRivers Casino, and BetMGM Casino are among the early adopters in other states where online gambling is legal. It is likely that they will be among the forerunners in Michigan too. BetMGM and DraftKings are expected to launch at the end of this year.

Michigan Poker

This state is a major proponent of this game, with tens of tournaments per month and more than 30 live poker rooms. Wherever you are in Michigan, poker is never far away. You can find action in the Lower Peninsula, the UP, and of course in Detroit, where most poker venues are located. Online poker was covered by the bill, which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law in December 2019. Local casinos are allowed to create and make their own poker sites available. Not much can be said about player pooling at this time. The bill included multi-jurisdiction agreement provisions.

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