How to Become a Professional Casino Gambler

How Much Does a Professional Casino Gambler Make?

Are you interested in turning a favorite pastime into a trade by becoming a professional casino gambler? You’ve come to the right place if you are wondering what it takes. Fascination with the idea of beating the casino is becoming more and more widespread.

Becoming a successful online gambler is just like becoming successful at anything else – it takes hard work and experience. Some profession casino gamblers rake in seven digits a year, but most make between $40,000 and $100,000 annually.

Without further ado, here are some ways to start making money as an online gambler.  

The Best Way to Win Money Gambling as a Pro Gambler

being a professional casino gambler

Our first and most important and effective tip: keep as much money from your free bets as possible. The easiest route to becoming a pro gambler is matched betting. It is where a lot of people get started and make quite a bit of cash over the years. It is free of risk if done right.

A lot of online casinos and gambling sites offer free bets as a promotion. It’s a way to have people sign up with them and not with competing sites. While it’s not possible to withdraw the free bet, the player can retain all the winnings from it. A smart online gambler will hedge their bets and manage to withdraw most of the bet whatever the outcome.

Value Betting

A successful value bettor knows more about gambling than bookkeepers. They understand when bookies get the odds wrong. Often, value bettors are leading experts in a certain game or team. They know about that specific team or game and much more than the bookkeeper’s odds-makers. Using the vast information at their disposal, they create their own odds. They bet the difference between their odds and those of the bookmakers – the bigger the difference, the bigger the profit.

Value bettors use neither bonuses nor loopholes. They are professional players who make money by beating bookkeepers.

You can become a professional gambler using the same strategies investment banks and hedge funds use to trade shares on the stock market. Betfair casinos are developed based on the stock market where you can purchase and sell bets. That means even before an event takes place, the bettor can trade in and out of a single bet several times and make a profit. Traders devise strategies to sell and buy these bets.

Is It Ever Impossible to Become a Professional Casino Gambler?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can’t become one if you’re playing a game of chance. In other words, you can’t beat a game if the statistical advantage belongs to the casino. Cheating or doing something else that’s against the rules is the only way you can win a game of chance.

An exception to this rule is blackjack, which is why this game is so popular among novice and pro players alike. In a blackjack tournament, you’re allowed to count cards, which gives you a statistical edge over the casino and the other players. The casino allows this because you’re not actually playing against it. To compete in a blackjack tournament, you must pay an entry fee. You play to win the other players’ entry fees, not money from the casino itself. 

Professional casino gamblers know a good game can dissipate at the speed of light. They are also aware that a new opportunity can emerge just as quickly. At online casinos, many opportunities involve “sticky” bonuses. The player gets extra money to play with if they play a certain amount. Other opportunities rely on sign up bonuses.

Making a Living as a Gambler

Any professional casino gambler will tell you the secret to a sustainable win: don’t let greed take control. A large win is not better than a few small ones. You don’t want too much contact with pit bosses even when a game is going great. Get out as soon as you win and move along. Don’t keep playing after a game turns sour in the hope it will get better; statistics show that’s rarely the case.