Casino Games with the best odds

What are the Best Casino Games to Master?

Winning usually comes down to strategy, skill, and a bit of luck. While your average punter will say winning is a matter of chance, a physicist won’t agree. What is more, the easiest game to master is not necessarily the casino game with best odds. There’s just so much to take into account.   

Chance can be your friend or foe, turning any game into a pure gamble. By playing the games with the lowest house edge, the ease of victory increases. This is especially true when you choose the wagers with the lowest odds. For example, betting on a single number in roulette makes winning harder than betting on red/black.

Easiest Casino Games to Play

Getting the Best Odds in Casino Games

Roulette and slots are the easiest games to play. They also have low house edges; 2.5% and 2 – 10% respectively. In terms of chance, roulette is a virtual coin flip. The game is very popular with system gamblers because of how easy it can be to win at the low odds bets.

Slots are also very easy to master. Basically, you just click on spin. The relative complexity comes from choosing the right wager level for your budget. To make the right choice, decide on the coin number and size. Usually, the return-to-player levels are at least 95%.

And the Game with the Lowest House Odds is…

This is neither roulette nor slots, but it is harder to master than they are. It is blackjack single deck with a house edge of just 0.15%. This game has the best odds to win – you have a 99.85% chance! In it, each played card affects the distribution of the remaining ones. Pay attention to the cards played to take advantage of this. To find the optimal play, check the basic strategy charts. The so-called cheat sheets list potential dealer upcards together with possible hands. This shows you whether you should stand, double down, split, or hit for that specific card combination.

Single Deck: Hard vs. Soft Hands

The strategy differs depending on hard vs. soft hands in this low house edge game. You should always hit at hard hand 5-7, always double at 11, and always stand at 17-21. Hit at 8 unless the dealer shows 5 or 6, in that case double. Hit at 12 unless the dealer shows 4-6, in the case stand. Hit on 7-ace at 15 unless the dealer shows 2-6, then stand. Also hit on 7-ace at 16 unless the dealer shows 2-6, then stand.

Pay close attention to double down rules as these can have a critical impact on your bets.

Be aggressive with splits if you are able to double down after one. For example, if the dealer shows 3 or 2 you could split a pair of threes, not just 4 through 6. Even a surrender should be strategic. You don’t have the best odds to win if the dealer shows 10 and you have two sevens. Surrendering is the smartest thing to do.

Other casino games with good odds are Pai Gow Poker with a house edge of 2.5%, Baccarat with 1.5%, Video Poker with 2.5% on average, craps with 1.5%, three card poker with 1.5%, and Caribbean Stud Poker with 5%.

What Game has the Worst Odds in a Casino?

Keno is the casino game with best odds – for the casino. You probably know the lottery house edge is about 50% if you’ve played. Keno is the casino’s private lottery with a house edge of 30% on average. Depending on the casino, it ranges from 20% to 40%.

At any rate, keno has the worst odds. The majority of bets on other games have a much lower house edge. It’s not impossible to win keno; it’s just not easy and we don’t encourage you to try. Thank you for reading our piece on the casino games with the best and worst odds!